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Here at MY FRESH soap, we are proud to offer a wide range of organic and natural products, crafted with passion and made with Love, with you, your family and the environment in mind. Whether you are seeking a beautiful bar of soap, a luxurious body lotion or a sensational scrub, we believe you will feel the difference and see the results with our carefully sourced ingredients that are prepared with love.


MY FRESH soap products contain plant derived Essential Oils (EO) and base ingredients. Pure ingredients straight from nature are environmentally friendly, healthy, and are more supportive of the body’s natural breathing, living, and healing functions.


More eco-friendly is the key! Everything that we do has an impact on the world that we live in. What we buy and use on ourselves, determines what we throw away or send for recycling. It is impossible to have no impact on our eco system, but we can take steps to minimize our impact as best as we can. 


We do this by:

  • Selling products unwrapped: your organic soaps can be bought if you wish unwrapped (naked as we call it),or simply wrapped in a recycle tissue paper. You will be surprised just how much packaging can be saved this way.  

  • Making sure the packaging we do use is recyclable: Our main packaging items are recycled paper, cardboard, glass and PET plastic bottles, which are all recyclable.

  • Sourcing local suppliers: Wherever possible, we will use a supplier that is as close to us as possible. However, we won't compromise the quality of the ingredients we choose. 

  • Using only what we need: Because we make in small batches and it is generally made to order, we don't make a lot of product that hangs around in storage for a long time. This means that we don't waste materials unnecessarily. 

  • In house printing: We make our own high quality labels, back cards and information sheets. This allows us to print off only what we need, again saving waste. If labeling requirements change, like in the most recent revision of the Canadian Cosmetic Regulations, because we are doing our own printing as we need it, our waste is significantly reduced and we can react to changes straight away.


We respect the environment in all things.  Thus we are contributing, in a modest way but significant, to ensure a better and healthier future for everyone.


"Let us walk softly on the Earth."
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